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Sorbic Acid

Sorbic Acid

Minimum Order Quantity: 25

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  • Chemical Name : Sorbic acid.2,4-di-ethene acid
  • Molecular Formula : C6H8O2
  • Molecular weight : 112.33

Specification: Color less needle crystal or white crystalline powder,Melting point132-135°C,Boiling point228°C,Easily soluble in alcohol and other solvents,but no in water.

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Uses: It is used for food,cosmetic,medical health product and anti mortify for as unsaturated acid, it also used as resin,aromatics and rubber industry.

Packing: 25kg or 50lb(net weight)carton lined with plastics bag

Storage and transport: Kept in cool.dry and ventilating place,ship as non-dangerous good.


Test Item GB1905-2000 FCC-V
Content % 99.0-101.0 99.0-101.0
Melting range °C 132-135 132-135
Residue on ignition≤% 0.2 0.2
Heavy metals(As Pb)≤% 0.001 --
AS≤% 0.0002 --
Water≤% 0.5 0.5
Lead≤mg/kg -- 2

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