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Neotame Application Neotame is a sweetener of non-nutrition and non-calories, has high intensity sweetness as well as no side effects, its flavor is similar to sucrose, plus, the sweetness cost is much less than sucrose and aspartame, and widely applied in various food production.


Generally, the solid content of the jelly minimum requirement is 15%, and jelly taste good when reach 18-22 sweetness, so the excessive 15 sweeteners can be substituted by sweeteners to adjust the taste, for example: Use neotame substitute 3 sweetness , the actual usage is: 3/8000 × 100% = 0.03755 (w / w); the final product taste sweet and pure, and can reduce the total cost of the product.

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Neotame can effectively masking saccharin’s aftertaste bitter, improve feed palatability. Daily feed consumption of livestock determines the growth, especially young pigs, suckling pig feed intake, affecting livestock entire growth process, thus improving the palatability of feed, especially suckling pig, young pig feed palatability resistance can increase their daily intake, thus speeding up their growth rate. Livestock, especially young pigs, piglets are more sensitive than the human palate.

Neotame is of great stability, do not affect products’ features including drinks’ flavor,color after batch production, high temperature short time(HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation
Neotame’s sweetness can be kept in cola carbonated drinks as long as 4-5 months, it can be applied in juice, vegetable juice and low alcoholwine, improve the taste and flavor of drinks, can also be applied in solid powdered beverage like lemon tea and milk powder.
Neotame is very stable in these products and its duration is consistent with the life span of drink itself.In the meantime, the content of neotame could replace more than 20% citric acid, and the taste of sour stay the same.
Dairy products
Neotame is suitable for batch production, high temperature short time(HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation, the final products containing neotame maintain stable concentration,especially for yogurt products, which can apply neotame to enhance its flavor.
Neotame do not involve in fermentation, cannot affect the growth of normal fungus, so it can be widely used in dairy products like yogurt and cheese.
Candy,chewing gum and other children's food
Neotame’s blend with sugar alcohol products could be applied in low-cost healthy sugar-free foods, especially kinds of candies that children love, the taste is impressive, and can also prevent dental caries.
Table-top sweeteners
Neotame has no moisture absorption, low energy, is very suitable as a table-top sweeteners. 
Starch, protein foods
Neotame can be mixed with other nutrition and non-nutrition sweeteners. It can resist starch’s deceasing, prolong the products’ duration. 
Savory food
Neotame can be applied in high temperature short time(HTST) products including popcorn,cookie and cakes, because of the heating time is very little, neotame concentration merely changes.
Preserved fruits, candied and other high sweetness foods
Neotame could be perfectly excel its functions when applied in preserved fruits, candied fruit, plum and other high sweetness food, the required sweetness could be easily reached without any bitter taste.


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