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Taurine is a kind of sulfur amino acid with special functions for good health.A non-protein amino acid mainly used in medicine synthetic raw material and the addtive of food and beverage

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  • Chemical name of taurine: 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid.
  • Molecular formula : C2H7NO3S
  • Producing standard : JP15
  • Nature : white crystal or crystal powder, smell less, light acid, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, ether, and acetone.

Function and Application of Taurine:

  • It could help to maintain the brain function and accelerate the development of baby and children’s brain.
  • It plays an important role in maintenance of normal vision.
  • It could accelerate the growth of the nervous system.
  • It could accelerate the digestion of fat and plays a role in gall bile metabolization.
  • It plays a role in endocrine balance, and it could adjust and protect the body’s cardiovascular system.
  • It could improve the immune system and help the growth of the body.


  • Baby and children dairy food: 300-350mg/kg (dry basis)
  • Non baby and children food: 500-1000mg/kg (dry basis)
  • Milk drinks: 3.3-4.8mg/100ml


  • Product name:Taurine; 2-Amino ethanesulfonic acid
  • CAS No.: 107-35-7
  • Molecular formula: C2H7NO3S
  • Molecular weight:125.25
  • Quality standard:JP8 JP15 JP16 USP34


White crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, slightly acidic flavor; soluble in water, 1 part taurine can be dissolved in 15.5 parts water at 12 slightly soluble in 95% ethanol, solubility at 17 is 0.004; insoluble in anhydrous ethanol, ether and acetone.


A non-protein amino acid mainly used in medicine synthetic raw material and the addtive of food and beverage. Has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, liver strengthening and choleretic effects. It can enhance immunity, especially good for infant growth and development. This product can also be used as surfactant, humidity controlling agent, emulsifier, fluorescent whitening agent, pH buffer, detergent intermediate, chemical reagent, feed addtive of aquatic products and animals, etc.

Packing: Package drum, bag, big bag Can meet specific packing needs of customer.

Transportation and Storage: Stored in cool and dry place. No mixed storage with toxic and hazardous substances. No mixed transportation with hazardous substances. Prevent from heavy load, impact, sunlight and rain.

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