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Sodium Aluminium Phosphate

Sodium Aluminium Phosphate

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We introduces ourself as manufacturer of Food Grade Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (SALP)What is Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (SALP)?
Sodium aluminium phosphate is a leavening acid commonly found in baked goods. It has a neutralizing value of 100 and is slow reacting.

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SALP is relatively unreactive at room temperature, releasing the majority of gas production at baking temperatures. This makes it ideal for self-rising flours, prepared baking mixes, and refrigerated doughs/batters that need to be stable for long periods of time. SALP has a bland flavor in baked goods and increases the dough’s tolerance to ingredient and flour variability. SALP is high in sodium.

SALP should be used in conjunction with baking soda. The neutralizing value of leavening acids is the ratio of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to 100 parts of acid leavener that will bring about complete carbon dioxide release or “neutralization.” For an acid with a neutralizing value of 100, if complete neutralization is desired, you would start out with equal parts SALP to baking soda. Adjusting the amount of leavening acid to baking soda can raise (decrease acid amount) or lower (increase the acid amount) the pH of the finished product, if desired.

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